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Nayan is de partner waarop merken en producenten een beroep doen om online verkoopkanalen te ontwerpen, bouwen en beheren. Voor elke online shop die dat wenst, slaan we de goederen op en verzorgen we de internationale distributie ervan. Voor anderen integreren we ons platform met hun SAP/ERP-backend. Met een minimum aan investeringen van uw kant, breiden we uw klantenbestand uit, integreren we uw online en offline verkoopkanalen, verbeteren we uw marge en verhogen we uw verkoop.


Polyglot in heart and soul? Fond of written and oral communication? Looking for a job where you can improve your foreign languages by communicating with native people on a daily basis? Wait no longer and become Nayan’s newest customer care agent!

Main objective?

Putting a smile on our end consumer’s face by providing top-notch customer service

How you achieve that main objective is totally up to you. However, ideally you should recognise yourself in most of the following characteristics:


  • You do not suffer from telephone phobia.

  • You can write emails at the speed of light.

  • You do not explicitly address the customer with “Your Majesty”, however, you understand that the customer is king in some way or another.

  • You have the empathy skills of a psychologist.

  • You can multitask like a juggling clown.

  • You have the ability to solve problems like a NASA scientist.

  • You are more flexible than a ballerina dancing on Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’.

  • You can switch from eine Sprache à une autre langue in a heartbeat.


Did you tick most or even all of the boxes? Then you are most likely the person we are looking for! Feel free to reach out to us so we can meet in person. After a casual job interview with our HR manager Evy Dubois your future fellow colleagues from the customer care department will explain you step by step what a normal day at the office looks like. They will answer all your questions and will make you feel at home right from the beginning.

Still not convinced to join this amazing team? For real?

Well, in that case allow us to convince you by listing some of the unique perks of working at Nayan:


  • There is a ping pong table in our warehouse waiting for you to unleash your inner Jean-Michel Saive.

  • Every morning around 10 o’clock Ann serves her delicious soups. They really are ‘souperb’ and free for all our employees!

  • Selling chocolats without having the opportunity to taste them yourself? No way! In our common areas you can try them yourself. Enjoy!

  • Feeling guilty because you ate too many chocolats? In that case you might want to consider eating some of the fresh fruit available in the common areas.

  • Feeling thirsty? In need of someone’s advice? Feel free to meet in our brand new ‘Nayan Bar’!

  • Last but definitely not least we offer you an attractive salary, meal vouchers and the opportunity to develop and show yourself in an open-minded company where you can truly make a difference.

Convinced? Now it is your turn to put your money where your mouth is and get in touch with us. We are eager to meet you and introcude you to our wonderful company and our enthusiastic colleagues. See you soon!